Baltics largest manufacturers of modular houses, prefabricated houses, mobile houses and vacation cottages will be represented here in one place, thus providing the potential buyer with the most convenient place to make his choice to buy a home. The offer will be focused not only on individuals, but also on Latvian and foreign wholesalers who are developing standard house villages.

Demand for prefabricated house projects is growing rapidly, but it is currently difficult for a potential buyer to navigate the range, quality, cost and timing of supply. One of the most important aspects for a buyer when choosing a house is to inspect it and evaluate the quality of the already completed object, but not all manufacturers offer such an opportunity. Another important aspect is the location of the manufacturer. Currently, the buyer has to make long trips all over Latvia to get acquainted with various offers, as well as the costs, deadlines and quality of each manufacturer that significantly complicates the choice often forcing the buyer to give up his idea. Placing houses offered by manufacturers in one place is the most convenient way for the buyer to get acquainted, compare and make the choice to buy a house. For manufacturers, this is also the most advantageous way to show their houses in a place that is easy for the buyer to find and access.

Moduļu mājas “4 seasons” modelis

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Public transport

Stop “Ulbrokas Street 13”: bus 51, 52, 6, 20, 31
Stop ‘’Latvenergo’’: bus 5

Lunch restaurant

"Boom Cafe", working hours Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:00.

Parking spaces

Free parking spaces are available throughout the Riga Industrial Park. Electric car charging station available.




i2 Factoryhttps://i2.lv/
Logu pasaule / Solarluxhttps://www.solarlux.com/
Passive House Factoryhttps://passivehousefactory.com/

For manufacturers

Riga Industrial Park is well known not only in Latvia, but also in the Baltics and internationally. More than 100 companies have already found their homes with us. We have won the trust of our customers and are located in an easily accessible place at the intersection of main streets. Our location is well recognizable and easily accessible to anyone interested by both car and public transport.

We offer plots for rent to place your products together with other manufacturers and present it to a potential buyer. Additional benefits we will provide to attract your potential customers:

  • joint marketing activities to ensure the attraction of Latvian and foreign buyers;
  • advertising / information booklets for buyers;
  • posting information about the manufacturers' offers on the website created especially for this purpose: www.HOUSEPLACE.lv;
  • Organization of ‘open days’, when potential buyers will be invited to visit the HOUSEPLACE;
  • Advertising in social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.);
  • Unique opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with your field’s professionals daily, as well as to meet a wide range of clients who are in search of their dream house.

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